The LaPerm can come in any range of colors, patterns, fur length, or fur curliness.  Some may have waves while others may sport ringlets or dread-locks.  The curliest portions occur beneath the ears, on the throat, and the underside.  Each LaPerm is unique but most people are surprised by the softness of the fur.  The longhaired LaPerm proudly swoosh around a full bushy tail while the shorthaired sport more of a 'bottle-brush' type. The longhaired also have a full ruff whereas the shorthaired don't have any.  Whiskers and eyebrows are also kinky or curled. 

The curliness of the coat tends to hold the loose hair and dander in; thus creating less allergens and less shedding.  Their coat is very similiar to the poodle. There is no cat who is totally hypo-allergenic; but the LaPerm is considered to be one of the lesser allergenic breeds.

Kittens can be born bald, curly, or straight which is often incorporated into their names by breeders with the initials BB, BC, or BS respectively.  Kittens born bald are lessening in frequency but will always grow their hair in curly.  Throughout a curly LaPerm's life they may be in varying amounts of fur and periods of 'molting' so that they may only have a sparse covering to a thick full coat.  Queens often will lose all their fur on their underside making it easy for her kittens to find the nipples.

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